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Every company and project has different needs and requirements. For some it might be important to get a clear idea of whether your code is bug-free or not, while others need extensive feedback within a short time. Don't worry, we've got you covered!
per developer per month
Manual code review by one of our experts
Functional testing methods
Coding recommendations
Automated code reviews
Bug Report
Delivery within 48 hours
30-day money back guarantee
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per developer per month
Analysis of the current testing practice
Design of a functional testing framework
Implementation of one functional testing method
- unit tests
- integration tests
- system tests
Maintenance of the tests
30-day money back guarantee
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Custom Solutions

Configure your own package according to your needs and requirements in a modular way. We are sure that even if you are looking for a one-off service rather than a long-term commitment, we can meet your needs. Contact us and we will find a custom solution in no time, even if your desired testing method is not listed yet.
Manual & Automated Code Reviews
including a Bug Report
Code Base Reviews
Functional Tests
e.g. Unit Tests
Non-Functional Tests
e.g. Security Tests
Protocol Analysis
Smart Contract Audits
Continuous Integration &
Continuous Delivery

How Much Do You Save?

Compared to the usual practice of software testing by in-house developers, you can save money when using ditCraft now that your developers have more time to work on your product! The extent of these possible savings depends on the overall size of the company and the associated average salaries of its developers, as well as the number of developers within the company and the hours they spend each week testing.


Possible Savings
Per Month

1.000 EUR

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Why Customers Trust Us

“Software testing as a service is a perfect solution for teams which are always juggling between feature development and 100% code quality. ditCraft enables our developers to focus on adding business value without compromising on the code quality.”
Nitin Maslekar, PhD
Beets&Roots, CTO
“Our solutions for fintech and insurance clients require the assurance of high software quality due to the legal and security regulations of the industries. ditCraft's on-demand software testing competencies helped us to achieve our client's quality requirements with ease.”
Florian Eismann
techdepartment ACS GmbH, Partner
“Code reviews and merge requests are an important part of our software development to ensure good code quality. With ditCraft we found a professional sparring-partner to implement a 4-eye code review process, helping us to focus and ship new features faster and still comply with the high requirements we have for our productive code base.”
David Weber
Nooxit, CEO
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